Cool Applications Should You Have After Root Android

Cool Applications Should You Have After Root Android

Some of the Android smartphone has a ROM capacity is too small but a lot of applications in the Market who want to try or use, of course, quite a bit less convenient if Android smartphone hit "low memory" when we just installed a few applications. Very inconvenient if we must always be apart pairs each install applications right? One of the one alternative that can be done is to Root on our Android smartphone.

Some of the Android-based smartphone operating system can be in-Root of the way each one, this time we do not discuss how to Root on Smartphone Android, I’m sure some of you know the way and may already be doing in Android Root each of you so we skip only. Here I will give you some important applications that you have after you have successfully done Root on Your Android Android Market are available on the particular application is available free for your download. So let’s begin!

ROM Manager
One of the easiest applications and has a friendly UI for managing your Android ROM after successfully ter-Root. With this application, you can perform backup / restore data, and flash ROM if at any time of the unwanted things, to install the ROM from SD card, and other features. ROM Manager is available in two versions, Free and Premium, but the free version of the ROM Manager can give you a very complete feature.

You can download a free version of the ROM Manager here.

AdFree Android
If you are the one who does not want to spend money like I am hard to download paid applications for free applications is certainly one option, unfortunately some free applications that contain advertisements (ads) is certainly very disturbing. Once you have ROOT you have an application that can block the ad is one of them with this AdFree applications, performance is not much different from the system Adblock on PC browser. Say goodbye to Ads! Ads bye!

Titanium Backup
These applications are powerful enough to give you backup and restore feature data that has been your Android-Root. With this application you will be given the ease of data backup or restore all the applications you use, setting your Android mobile phone system, you downloaded from the Android Market, phone contact, all SMS or MMS messages, and so forth. Titanium Backup is available in two versions of the free and pro, if you have more funds, you can choose the pro version where you can get some advantage from the free version.

AutoKiller Memory Optimizer
The more applications that you use once managed to Root Your Android will certainly be more and more memory is consumed by your Android application, and that you really need is an application that can easily manage your memory and of course it takes up memory itself.One that can be selected is AutoKiller Memory Optimizer. Besides can disable the foreground application running on your Android, AutoKiller Memory Optimizer can allocate RAM costumes for each different application.

This application works like a firewall on the PC, but this is a firewall specifically for Android smartphones. DroidWall has the main features can block internet access to all applications, yes indeed some applications (especially those having ads) silently sipping your bandwidth.This application is perfect for you who use the internet which has a limitation of data usage.

SD Maid
Just as the name suggests, this application will be able to help you in terms of clean-up, especially on your SD card. Once the SD card Root sure you will be more widely used than ever, you can be sure that 2GB SD card will hold the contents of the hassles you Android smartphone. With this application you can clean up temporary files from the rest of the applications that you no longer use (uninstall) the SD card you without you having to bother looking for it, just click on the SD Maid will clean “room” you.

You want to try new applications that interest you, but when visiting the Android Market application was not available for the region in our country. Oh shit, we had no luck! That was a friend, with applications MarketEnabler you can “tear down the” wall of separation is, of course, after you successfully Root Android-ing. Can use applications that are only available in the region of the United States alone, wow cool!

If you have any other applications which do you think good and beneficial use for Android smartphones that has happened do not be afraid to add a Root that are here now.

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